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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

This honestly has to stop, am pregnant at 6 months and the person who without any ask or request took our luggage from the taxi. Once he placed them on the trolley he started claiming to get us through security check with no queue (which we did not ask for and had plenty of time before our flight). When I tipped him for this unasked and unavoidable "service", he started shouting that the money are not enough and I should pay more! Told him these were our last money as we were leaving the country but he continued aggressively insisting on being paid more. He drove me to tears for no reason by keeping shouting and official security person just had to step in as this was getting out of hand. We have not been to Sharm for many years (and these things are one of the reasons why) and really hoped things have improved but seems it just got even worse. So sorry Sharm, not spending our hard earned money on another holiday here due to having to go through these experiences again.

— Katie

Sanaa International Airport (Sanaa, Yemen)

VIP Lounge - cooperation proposal. is there a direct contact with the lounge our lounge manager?

— sofia teslo

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

This was my third visit to Sharm because of the beautiful coral reefs but it will unfortunately be my last. I am not surprised reading the reviews at the absolute shambles encountered by passengers at the airport. Rude staff, corrupt officials, you name it. Saw quite a number of people who had obviously paid to skip the check in queue or fast track through security. I was offered an emergency exit seat on the plane no dount for a fee. Thankfully I had already prebooked seats. The number of bag searches and passport checks is completely over the top. You put your bags through a scanner before getting to check them in. Fair enough. Then you need to have a pen to fill in the Egyptian leaving card before presenting at passport control. Then another 'police officer' checked my passport again before my remaining carry on baggage was checked for drugs etc. Then had to write in a book my passport number etc. and what flight I was on for no apparent reason. Then like others say the toilets are disgusting, have little or no toilet paper and attendants who think you should tip them for the privilege. I thought after the airport had to prove it's security was up to modern standards after the poor Russian plane was brought down by a bomb a number of years ago the experience would have improved dramatically. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. How this charade is deemed acceptable is beyond me. Sharm is a lovely place and has decent hard working people who rely on the tourist industry. Unfortunately, a tourists lasting impression is leaving from the airport and I fear, like myself, many will not return.

— Ken B

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