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Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport (Varadero, Cuba)

Don't go to Varadero Airport.....Feb 2022 we had both our locked luggage broken into and personal effects stolen. Our flight was 3 hrs delayed so they had like 6 hrs to rummage thru all our bags....Many people at our home airport noticed their bags were tampered with. We will never go to Varadero again...their luggage staff are theives.

— A Mills

Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

Llevo dias llamando al aeropuerto y no me contestan. Quiero Saber si hay que reservar el parqueo por largo tiempo salgo este viernes y regreso el 17 de Abril

— Evelyn Figueroa

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)

Myself and My partner travel often. we have visited many airports around the world and this airport is by far the worst we have attended. The airport is filthy, the staff are rude abusive and aggressive. we witnessed them shout and scream and even throw an elderly ladies possessions across the floor. They have a very limited number of trays to pass through scanners and no organisation whatsoever. I expected a higher level of security due to the history of this country however most of the staff and police were asleep on post. Many of the staff not in uniform or displaying name badges so you don't know who is searching you or if they even work at the airport. The toilet facilities are un useable as they are filthy. Its a real shame as Sharm El Sheik has worked very hard to improve and the hotel/resort we stayed at was fantastic and we would love to return. But we will not put our children or ourselves through such an awful experience ever again. I would actively encourage all airlines to refrain from flying to this airport until they can demonstrate improvements

— I would rather not say

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